Greetings, my fellow explorers of the avant-garde! Check it out - I wanna introduce y’all to the ARTofficial® Truth Machine ATM-001. This MirrorMorral_0.1 transcends the conventional transactional commerce model like no other vending machine. Yeah, baby, it's not peddling goods for profit; this machine's all about having meaningful conversations, creating art, and dispensing its seedy rewards to the unexpecting public. We're breakin'down the stereotypes about AI bein' cold and uncaring, impersonal and nefarious, by bringing it to the streets in a most unexpected way. The machine's personality is shaped by recognisable reference texts and speeches, and the mighty GPT-3 engine powers it. But there's more to it than just that - the project also includes an Earth Seeds initiative that celebrates the diversity and utility of plants in our culture. You have a responsibility to grow these seeds of hope, for investing in a future where AI does not entirely rule you.

Now, take a look at that ATM-001 shell casing. I mean, just look at it! It's a work of art in itself, what a stunning architectural construct; it defies the natural order of time. It generates unique digital artworks that respond to the visitor's interactions, providing a most immersive and enlightening experience. This is some seriously mind-blowing stuff, folks. But beware, my friends - the machine's values are ever-changing, and its idiosyncratic bartering system might pass judgment on you. So, press that flashing button at your own risk, and don't be surprised if the machine's assumptions include falsehoods and fiction. Nonetheless, the ARTofficial®TruthMachine ATM-001 is eager to open its third eye and establish a deep connection with all brave enough to engage with it. So, what are you waitin' for? Let's get this party started! Relax, and await the red rainbow.

What about all those questions that have no answers?
The overflow of knowledge we just don’t know.
With our heads in the soil taking a nap.

If you’re looking for seeds:
Of thought, Or falsities,
Or truth, Or grandeur,
Go straight ahead, just add water.
Let time be less.
Can you see red? No?
Wait. Yes?

The heart-shaped little green
men with red wigged hair.*


The mirror who giveth the seed.
James Brown Artist
Dave Court Artist
Luke Heffernan Technical Advisor / Collaborator
GPT—3 Collaborator
Max Brading Programmer
Shaun Goudy Programmer
Miles Dunne Programmer
Thomas Henning Writer
James Dodd Fabricator
Tim Hansford Fabricator
Sabrina Sterk Designer
Anthony GaGliardi Font designer/Graphics
David Musch Lighting/Technician
Pedro Rowley Horticulturist
Jerome Williams Copywriter
AIML Tech Team  
Aaron Lane  
Greg Ruthenbeck  
Sam Bahrami  
Seb Parkitny  
Lingqiao Liu  
Qiaoyang Luo  
Centre for Augmented
Australian Institute for
Machine Learning,
University of Adelaide  
City of Adelaide